Happy Friday the 13th everyone, the Truth is it is really a Lucky Day!!!

Hey everyone, hope you had a Great Day Friday the 13th!!!

Want to clear up something that has been a lie perpetrated on the people, (us), for centuries!

Friday the 13th is actually GOOD LUCK, because, 13 is the number of the Christ, as in Jesus Christ!

  • The "dark ones"  turned this, and MANY other things "upside down" over the decades and centuries, and purposely made people afraid of the number 13, so that we wouldn't use it's Power, which is the power of the Christ!!!  I will share other things on this website over the next few weeks, that will explain some of the things we need to relearn, and use to the Light's advantage during these precarious times!  In the meantime, enjoy the number 13, and allow the lie that was told you to drift away!!        Many Blessings!!!           Sheila