Happy 11:11, New Moon in Scorpio Everyone!!! God Bless our Veterans, and those still in Uniform today!!

  • Finally, I AM Posting my 1st blog on my website, instead of my face book page, Sheila Bath Healing Services, it's about time, I know!  Stepping further out of the "Spiritual closet", I guess. ;) Do check out my face book page though, it has 5 years of blogs which many have found very helpful, but from now on, here is where I'll be posting!!
  • Today celebrates the cosmic doorway opening, that has been building in power and
  • intensity since the 1st 11:11 in 1989, which was a huge opening of Love and Light pouring on
  • the planet, to awaken sleeping humanity to the magnificent God beings that they (we) truly are and are becoming every moment of every day!
  • Combined with this being a New Moon in Scorpio, (deep transformation), makes for a potent
  • mix today, and lingers on, as this doorway opens wider and wider to allow all who choose
  • to partake in this elixir of Divine Love and opportunity for deep release of all that does not serve our Highest Good, our Highest Aspirations, and our Grandest Dreams of Peace, Prosperity, Joy,Health, Wealth, and Love, for ourselves, and all we hold Dear!  Do take some time over the next few days, to meditate deeply on how you want your Life to be, for these are powerful days of Creation and Manifestation!!  Hold on to your Greatest Vision, and see it bloom before your eyes!!  Many Blessings of Love and Light to all of you!!               Sheila